Ask any owner of a towing company and they will tell you that boosting efficiency is high on their priorities. It makes sense, as towing is the type of business where every minute can be a valuable one.

If a towing company can get to a customer a minute quicker, take a few minutes less to get their car loaded up, or get them to the destination faster, it speeds up the process. Not only is that interaction faster, but it means the company can get to the next customer quicker – if each driver is operating in such an efficient way.

Many towing companies are happy about the advances in technology that are allowing them to work at a more advanced pace than ever before. It is ensuring that towing companies can now offer customers a real improvement in the entire process, compared to five or six years ago.

But what type of tech is making the biggest difference?

GPS Tracking

One of the ways that towing companies are doing better than before is through GPS tracking. There was a time when towing companies had to rely on drivers to give them an approximate location. And they were playing guesswork when deciding who should be sent to the next customer that called in.

Now everything is done in a very orchestrated and structured way. Since the companies are able to track every single truck and driver, they know where everyone is at a given moment. It makes the process of sending drivers to new calls much easier. Just look at the map, see who is free and closest, and send them to the job.

Another advantage of GPS tracking is that drivers know their movements are being watched. They cannot take a detour or take some personal time in between a job, as it would be easily visible through the GPS tracking. Their supervisor would know if they were still on track or if they had ended up somewhere else.

Scheduling Drivers

A second way that towing companies are becoming more efficient is by using scheduling software. The days of a supervisor having to create a schedule manually are in the past. And most are so happy about that change. It was a nightmare to create towing schedules, because many companies operate 24/7 and do not have that many drivers.

Everyone has their own free hours and then unexpected moments can occur where someone needs a day off. Figuring out all these things to create a coherent and well-covered schedule is not easy.

The good news is that scheduling software does take a lot of that burden away from supervisors. The software can take in everyone’s availability and the company‚Äôs needs. It then creates a schedule for everyone. Manual edits can be done where they are necessary.

Customer Support Services

Calling into a towing company in the past was a frustrating process. You were lucky to get someone on the line. And they would usually be rude or curt, as they were having to manage ten other things at the same time.

But now companies are able to hire virtual receptionists and other help that may not even be in the same location. The benefit is that even a smaller company can have a 24/7/365 customer service line that people can call when they need help. This line is not for requesting a tow, but resolving any issues that may have happened on a recent job.